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SuperValu and Centra Stores Join Forces with SEAI

Date: 13/12/2021

SuperValu and Centra stores have aligned with Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) for the 10th consecutive year, leading the way in terms of environmental change within the Irish retail sector.

Through their ‘Building Sustainable Communities’ initiative, SuperValu and Centra stores find and upgrade energy-efficient opportunities in their own operations, while maintaining the focus of delivering high levels of energy efficiency and encouraging the use of renewable energy. The improvements installed throughout the SuperValu and Centra stores this year will save an average of 150,000 KWH of energy per year, giving an average energy reduction of 35% per store involved.

SuperValu and Centra also nominate community buildings in their areas to donate funds to, and in return, these organisations utilise the money by upgrading their own buildings and facilities in a similar manner. Improvements made to these community buildings included the installation of solar PV panels, cavity insulation, fitting of new energy efficient windows and doors, roof insulation, heat pumps and fitting of new light fixtures. This year, eight buildings brought an annual saving of almost €25,000 and this equates to powering 39 homes in Ireland every year.

The retail giants have shown continuous support of this initiative over the last ten years, demonstrating their commitment to further reducing energy costs, fossil fuel usage and greenhouse gas emissions. This is proof that the both SuperValu and Centra are on track to reach net zero carbon by 2050.

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