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Carleton Cakes

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About the company

Carleton Cakes, established in 1994 by baking masterminds Doreen and Wilfred Carleton in Cootehill, Co. Cavan, specialises in producing pre-portioned tray-bakes and cookies and also have been selected as a manufacturing partner for the UK's leading coffee chains. The company works with its customers to create delicious recipes which are then produced to their desired specification and packaging requirements. Carleton Cakes' grade-AA* BRC accreditation reflects the hard work and commitment that its busy technical staff carry out to ensure the bakery is running efficiently while maintaining the high professional standards the industry demands.

Spotlight Target Area: Energy
Carleton Cakes are proud members of Origin Green and ensure that production is
carried out in the most efficient and environmentally friendly way possible.
Over the course of its five year sustainability plan (2018-2022), Carleton Cakes
targeted a 10% reduction in energy usage per unit of output. Over the year 2020, the
company performed particularly well in this area and is now 16% ahead of target over
its 2017 baseline. This performance has been driven by the implementation of a series
of initiatives, including: the installation of timers on radiators; improved staff training
to ensure all electrics are switched off when not in use; a comprehensive review of
existing machinery; along with the purchasing of new equipment to replace outdated
and inefficient machinery models.
As well as the company’s strong performance in the energy area, Carleton Cakes also
demonstrated an exemplary performance within the area of community engagement.

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