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Golden Bake Ltd

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About the company

Golden Bake has been producing the highest quality frozen puff pastry products in Coolock, Dublin, since 1987. With over 30 years of puff pastry expertise we have established ourselves as the puff pastry market leader and category expert in Ireland. We supply retailers with products for their in-store bakeries as well as bake-at-home products for the freezer aisle.

We manufacture both under the Golden Bake brand as well as under retailer own-label brands. We also supply foodservice distributors and food manufacturing companies in Ireland and the UK with our full range of products and have established a reputation for producing consistent products.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Focus on Health & Nutrition

Golden Bake have set a target of a 2% year on year reduction of total salt in the recipe of products each year plan period, resulting in a cumulative 10% reduction over the lifetime of the plan.

Committed to Responsible Sourcing

Golden Bake have made a commitment to source 70% of raw materials by € cost from suppliers with recognised sustainability certifications by 2022.