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Ina's Kitchen Desserts ltd (Brodericks)

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Approved until 31 May 2022



About the company

Ina's Kitchen Desserts is a family run bakery based in Dublin, Ireland. The business was started by Ina Broderick in 1983 from her kitchen at home in Dublin. Ina wanted to make and sell a product that was full of natural ingredients from her own original recipes. Affectionately known as the Queen of Cakes, Ina Broderick reigns as Ireland's preeminent purveyor of fine pastries, desserts and cakes.

In the nineties, Ina's sons Barry and Bernard, joined the company and helped grow it into the business it is today. The rule throughout the years has been simple, use only the best ingredients and take care of your customers. We hope our packaging reflects the homemade nature of our product and is convenient for the "grab and go" market which seems to be a part of life these days.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Focus on Waste Reduction

Brodericks have set an ambitious target to reduce waste by 33% by the end of their sustainability plan. To date, a new cutting and wrapping machine have been installed which is reducing both product and packaging waste. Brodericks have partnered with a local farmer based in County Meath who takes their clean waste (food waste) to feed his animals.

Focus on Health and Nutrition

In 2017 Brodericks set a target of developing and expanding their range of gluten free products on the market.

Supporting Local Communities

The company is a committed participant in the Employability Programme. In 2017, Brodericks took on 2 employees under the programme. They plan to create 10 more positions for people with various impairments.