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Joseph Brennans Bakeries

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About the company

Brennan's manufacture and package a range of bread, burger buns and hot dog rolls. Over 45 years ago, Old Mr Brennan baked the first loaves of Brennan’s Bread in the company’s one room bakery in Fumbally Lane, Dublin. Brennan’s Bread is now one of the largest bakeries in Ireland and is still very a much a family affair, with Old Mr Brennan’s family still overseeing the recipes and baking skills he perfected. The company’s motto is ‘Today’s Bread Today’ and that means the bread customers see on the shop shelf every day will have left the bakery early that very morning.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Committed to Responsible Sourcing

Focused on sourcing 100% from suppliers with sustainability certifications/credentials by end of 2018 by developing sustainability initiatives with key suppliers.

Focused on Waste Reduction

Target of reducing waste to landfill by 75% over 5 years to 2018. Reducing Impact on the Environment by focusing on reducing the energy used by unit of product produced.

Supporting the Local Community

Brennans feel that they can positively influence local community with green and health driven initiatives. Recently the company sponsored the Green Café in Walkinstown and they are currently championing a healthy eating initiatives in schools called ‘Healthy Heroes Club’. Brennans continue to help fund community products; most recent being St Agnes music school.