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Kearney's Home Baking

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About the company

Established in 1992 by sisters Maura and Siobhan Kearney, Kearney's Home Baking was born out of a shared passion for home baking. Building upon a Diploma undertaken in Bakery Production and Management at the former Dublin Institute of Technology, the sisters worked diligently throughout their studies to carry out comprehensive market research and testing using their mother's recipes. They quickly identified a significant local demand for tasty, traditional products like soda bread, scones and apple tarts. Equipped with family expertise, determination and a love for good food, a bakehouse was built on a Greenfield site in Ballyhahill, County Limerick. Thirty years on, the company has grown from 2 employees to 25 and is still producing the same quality products, with the same passion.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Reducing their Environmental Impact

Kearney's Home Bakery set out to examine and reduce their packaging used and look at more environmentally friendly / recyclable packaging especially for their new products and source 100% of their packaging from suppliers with sustainability certification by 2023, from a baseline of 23% in 2018. Kearney's Home Bakery are committed to source 90% of their Raw Materials from suppliers with recognized sustainability certificates by 2023 from a baseline of 40%.

Spotlight Target Area: Water
Kearney’s Home Baking’s mission is to maintain the highest standards of flavour and
quality using traditional processes in a clean, productive work environment. Kearney’s
Home Baking manufactures a range of nutritionally balanced products made using
fresh eggs, fresh apples and whole milk. These wholesome ingredients are key
elements in its recipes. There are no added artificial preservatives, and the complete
range of products is yeast free. Within the area of Health and Nutrition, the company
plan to extend its health food range. By 2023, four new gluten free products will be
developed from a baseline of two in 2019. In 2020, the company developed gluten
free jam buns and mince pies, exceeding its milestone in this area. It also joined the
EPA’s Food Waste Charter in 2020 and signed up to Repak’s ‘Plastic Pledge’.

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