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Molloy's Abbeytown Ltd / Honest Bakery

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About the company

Molloys is a family run bakery and delicatessen, located in Roscommon Town, which emphasizes quality and pride in its products and services. As a family run business, the Company's ethos is very much to run a profitable business, which adequately provides for the present but also does not compromise the ability of the future generations' needs.

The company has a custom built bakery (which produces a range of breads and cakes), together with a coffee shop and fine food store located on the outskirts of Roscommon town. The company is now in its 92 year and fourth generation.

Molloy's is extremely proud to produce an array of quality bread and cakes. In recent years, it has expanded the business into new areas, such as gluten- free with our sister company Honest, accommodating the ever-changing diets of its customer base.

Additionally, Molloy's has expanded its in-store range to include fine foods sourced from local Irish producers.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Raw Materials Sourcing

The company source raw materials from suppliers within Ireland, and develop sustainability initiatives with their suppliers.

Manufacturing Processes

The company has developed energy and water targets that include the removal of a second water meter, replacing their current fluorescent lighting, and obtaining a new oven with improved insulation.

Social Sustainability

The company are active members within the local community in all areas. Specifically, they are members of Meals on Wheels, sponsor of the Junior Baker of the Year and gift the local prison with bread for visitors.