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Simpli Baked

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About the company

Simpli Baked is owned and operated by the Flat Bread Company based in Tullamore, Co. Offaly. Since 2009, the company has specialised in baking premium quality flat breads, as well as tortilla and pizza bases for the Irish, UK, and European markets. Kieran Walsh, Managing Director, has bakery in his DNA, having come from a bakery family in Limerick.

Kieran is passionate about the business and believes in ensuring all customers get both the best quality products and customer service at all times. The Flat Bread Company employ 70 personnel and have been awarded winning status of the Food & Drink category at the Small Firms Association (SFA) National Small Business Awards for Achievement Innovation and Excellence in Small Business.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Spotlight Target Area: Product Health and Nutrition

For Simpli Baked, sustainability means producing the best quality product possible, in the most efficient manner, with minimum waste and carbon emissions. This ethos will ensure the company remains competitive and provides reliable and continuous employment in the area, while caring and protecting the environment. The company want sustainability to become a mindset for every employee within the organisation. Over the course of its five year sustainability plan (2017-2021), Simpli Baked targeted a 5% reduction in salt levels across its food service range. Over the year 2021, the company performed particularly well in this area and is now 33% ahead of target. As well as the company's strong performance in the Product Health and Nutrition target area, Simpli Baked also demonstrated an exemplary performance within the target areas of Supplier Certification, Energy / Emissions, and Waste