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The Bretzel Bakery

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About the company

Since its beginnings in the late nineteenth century, the Bretzel Bakery has become a household name, synonymous with good bread. The tradition of quality that has kept the business healthy for more than one hundred years forms the basis of the current ethos.

It was run by various Jewish families up to the 1950's when the Hackett family took over. Father and son baked there, trading as the Bretzel Bakery, until 2000 when the Bretzel Trading limited company was formed.

Now one of the last remaining inner city bakeries, the Bretzel operated out of premises in Lennox Street, Portobello, baking everything on site, until 2013.

To cater for an expanding customer base, owner and managing director William Despard moved the main production to a purpose-built site close by in Harold's Cross in December 2013, keeping the original shop and bakery in Lennox Street and adding a café in 2014.

Fundamental to the Bretzel's success is its adherence to the production of good food. It is a seven day a week business, supplying fresh bread daily to approximately 200 customers in the greater Dublin area. It holds a unique position in that it produces artisan hand-made bread on a large scale.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Responsible Sourcing

The Bretzel Bakery has committed to source 75% of raw materials from suppliers that have recognised sustainability certification by 2020

Reducing Environmental Impact

A target has been set to reduce diesel emissions by converting 60% of vehicles to electric by 2020 and increasing the use of recyclable packaging from 20% to 90% by 2021. The Bretzel is also committed to reducing electricity consumption by 10% by the end of 2021 compared to the 2017 per kilo baseline.

Focusing on Health and Community Engagement

The Bretzel has committed to increase sponsorship of local sports events.