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About the company

Boortmalt is the largest producer of malt in Ireland, which was first established in Athy in 1847 by the Minch family. We have been producing the highest quality malt from some of the country's best barley since then and in that time we have learned a thing or two about making excellent malt.

We combine centuries of tradition with the most up to date equipment and processes to produce malted barley that is used by Ireland's leading Global brewers and distillers such as Bushmills, Diageo, Irish Distillers and Heineken. We are Ireland's oldest and largest malt producer for the brewing and distilling industry.

We produce malt from 100% Irish origin 2-row spring barley at our Athy Maltings site in Co.Kildare where we apply rigorous quality control measures to ensure that every batch is of the consistently high standard that our customers have come to expect. Boortmalt is a fully owned subsidiary of the agricultural and agribusiness cooperative Axereal (Europe's largest grain coooperative).

Key Sustainability Commitments

Commitment to Responsible Sourcing

Boortmalt are committed to achieving at 100% barley supply from Irish growers, eliminating the need for imports. Additionally, they are in the process of developing a farm and sustainability scheme. The company also runs a Farmers Awards Scheme. The Malting Barley Excellence Awards is a scheme in which Boortmalt recognises the efforts of its grower base in the implementation of farm improvement plans, to improve farm sustainability and performance with regard to malting barley.

Commitment to Energy Reduction

Boortmalt are committed to reducing their energy use by 17%, and are aiming to be 100% carbon neutral by 2030.