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Britvic Ireland

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Approved until 31 May 2022



About the company

Britvic Ireland is the number two soft drinks company by volume on the island of Ireland. The company is owned by Britvic plc, which also has market leading operations in Great Britain and France, and a worldwide presence through Britvic International which is focused on export and the travel industry as well as extending the availability of Britvic brands through licensing and franchising agreements.

Their portfolio includes Irish brands such as Ballygowan, Club and MiWadi which have been trusted and enjoyed by Irish people for many years. They also have exclusive agreements to make and distribute global brands such as Pepsi and 7UP on behalf of PepsiCo.

Britvic Ireland’s licenced wholesale company, Counterpoint, is also the sole all-island drinks wholesaler, servicing more than 4,500 licensed outlets with an extensive selection of premium Britvic soft drinks, such as London Essence Company, Thomas & Evans, and international alcohol brands including Super Bock beer from Portugal, Savanna Cider from South Africa and a portfolio of premium spirits, such as Chase Vodka and Plantation Rum.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Committed to Responsible Sourcing

To date 94% of their approved suppliers are linked to Britvic on SEDEX or have been requested to link to Britvic on SEDEX. (Sedex is the largest collaborative platform for managing ethical supply chain data with over 30,000 customers and supplier sites worldwide. Through a secure online platform, Sedex members can share and manage information related to Labour Standards, Health & Safety, The Environment and Business Ethics.) Further targets are in place to increase the % of suppliers linked to SEDEX.

Reducing Environmental Impact

Britvic achieved zero waste to landfill in 2017 and is looking to maintain this. The company is focusing on water reduction and reducing the ratio of how much water it takes to create 1L of their production. In 2017, Britvic reduced the ratio by 10% with further reduction targets set for the years ahead.

Focus on Health

Britvic is committed to bringing positive change to consumers’ diets in three ways: reformulation (reducing the amount of sugar in their soft drinks), innovation (New Product Development is heavily weighted to no/low sugar) and inspiration/motivation (e.g. fixturization, livery/branding, promotions, no advertising to U12s, and no advertising of full-sugar where a no/low sugar variant exists).

Since 2013, the company has removed an annualised 1.3bn calories from the Irish diet. The Britvic PLC 2020 goal is to reduce average calories per 250ml serve by 20% to 28kcal from 35.02kcal in 2013.

Supporting the Community

Britvic Ireland supports the communities in which it operates through schemes such as funding, volunteering and in-kind donations.

MiWadi’s Trick or Treat campaign, for example, has helped raise almost €2M for Temple Street Children’s Hospital in the past five years making it a key funding partner for the newly opened Neurology and Renal Outpatients Unit.

Through sponsorship agreements with Dublin, Limerick, Cork, Westmeath, Kilkenny and Kildare GAA, and their Ballygowan and Energise brands, Britvic is playing a leading role in inspiring and enabling people to live healthier and more active lives.

Spotlight Target Area: Packaging
Britvic Ireland is committed to the circular economy and is working towards ensuring
its packaging never becomes waste. All Britvic Ireland’s packaging is 100% recyclable.
The company is investing in recycled PET and supports the need for a well-run
deposit retention scheme increasing the collection rate of beverage containers
and underpinning access to quality recycled materials. Britvic Ireland will use over
50% recycled PET across its brand portfolio by 2025. Britvic are also on a journey to
reduce packaging weight per serve by 20% by 2025. The recent Ballygowan relaunch
switching to lighter bottles made from 100% recycled PET removed c1,500 tonnes of
virgin plastic from the market and makes Ballygowan, bottled at source in Newcastle
West Co. Limerick, Ireland’s most sustainable water brand. The Ballygowan factory is
powered by 96% renewable energy and is on trajectory to be carbon positive by 2025.

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