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Coole Swan

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About the company

Coole Swan is run from our Family Farm in Co Meath and bottled in Ballieborogh Co Cavan. Using only the finest Single Malt Irish Whiskey, sourced from one of Irelands oldest distilleries, Real White Belgian Chocolate and effortlessly light Natural Dairy Cream from our own family farm we created Coole Swan - the world’s most delicious tasting Irish Cream Liqueur. Once opened Coole Swan will keep for up to 6 months in your fridge. Coole Swan is naturally Gluten Free. We hope you enjoy Coole Swan as much as we do - drink it neat or over ice but always chilled….. Mary & Philip

Key Sustainability Commitments

Raw material Sourcing

Coole Swan have made a commitment to reduce packaging used during deliveries by 35% by 2020 by using packaging returns policy

Committed to Reducing Waste

Coole Swan have set a target to reduce production of waste at the Corporate Offices of Coole Swan by 28% by 2020

Committed to Reducing Water Usage

They aim to reduce water consumption by 20% and increase water recycling by 30%.