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Dundalk Bay Brewery Co

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About the company

Dundalk Bay Brewery is a 100% Irish owned independent brewing company built by top-class Irish company Spectac International. Our brewery is a 50HL Brewhouse and we are expanding all the time to meet with our new products demands. Dundalk Bay Brewery is completely automated and the only brewery of its kind in Ireland to have such high-tech recipe driven procedures.

Quality is our key point here at Dundalk Bay Brewery Company. We strive to focus on quality and consistency from a top down point of view from; - Our brewery - Processes - Our end result - premium beer!

Our brand Brewmaster Beer pays homage to every brewer out there, celebrating the Brewmaster with a new generation of brewmastery. The perfect, refreshing, PREMIUM pint in the form of our Brewmaster Lager/IPA and Red Ale with specials created for seasonal limited editions throughout the year.

Our heritage dates back to the 1700's where we have kept the traditional feel to all our beers, still adding our flare and exciting twists that spark an encapsulating body and aroma that keeps you coming back for more.

All our recipes feature local natural ingredients, carefully selected to produce a clean, crisp and refreshing taste - no preservative, no chemicals - just fresh Superior Irish beer.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Commitment to Responsible Sourcing

Dundalk Bay Brewery have set a target to source 90% of their Grain raw materials from suppliers with recognised sustainability certifications by 2021

Commitment to Reducing Food Waste

Dundalk Bay Brewery will ship 100% of Spent Grains to a specialist nutrition facility for fertiliser and/or animal feed by 2020.

Focus on Health and Nutrition

There are plans to develop an innovation pipeline that includes lifestyle and health trends in the marketplace. Every year we work meticulously on research and development for new products and we anticipate on developing new lines to our product range each year including additions to our portfolio such as Gluten Free beer, and non alcoholic ranges.