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Great Northern Distillery

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Approved until 31 May 2023



About the company

The Great Northern Distillery is the largest Irish owned whiskey distiller in the country producing 12 million litres of alcohol a year equal to 800,000 bottles of whiskey each week. The distillery has been operating in Dundalk since 2015 and currently employs a total of 56 people across its two dedicated distilleries on site, including a pot still, single malt distillery and a grain distillery. The distillery produces all types of Irish whiskey, triple distilled malt, double distilled malt, peated malt and pot still as well as grain whiskey for both home and international markets.

Spotlight Target Area: Community Engagement
The Great Northern Distillery understands how important it is to look after our
planet as much as possible and has embraced sustainability to drive continuous
improvement within its business.
In the area of community engagement, the Great Northern Distillery feel it is
important to give back to the local community and supported two charities in 2020,
North Louth Hospice and Home Care Foundation.
In addition, the company also recognised the unique opportunity it could play in
responding to the covid-19 pandemic and produced hand sanitiser on site, as well as
diverting grain alcohol - to assist others with hand sanitiser production while supply
chains were constrained. A large proportion of the hand sanitiser produced at the
distillery was donated to local hospitals, schools, charities and businesses.

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