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Boann Distillery Limited

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About the company

Harvest Distilling & Brewing Ltd. is a family owned Irish company at the forefront of craft beverages in Ireland. The company was formed in 2014 to create a new venture in Drogheda, Co. Meath with a start-up distillery and brewery. The Boyne Brewhouse and Boann Distillery is located at the gateway to the historical Boyne Valley with Bru na Boinne, a World Heritage Site, including Newgrange, only 5km away. Utilising three handmade bespoke copper pot stills, the distillery produces a range of gins, as well as triple distilled Irish single malt and Irish pot still whiskey

Boann Distillery

Boyne Brewhouse

Key Sustainability Commitments

Promoting Biodiversity

Harvest Distilling and Brewing Ltd will create a landscaped area containing gin botanicals and brewing herbs and native Irish planting in 2018 and develop an education piece around the plantings in 2019.

Committed to Responsible Sourcing

Harvest Distilling and Brewing Ltd have set a target of having 80% of all raw materials coming from suppliers with recognised sustainability certifications by 2020.

Exemplary Performance Target Areas

Minimum Origin Green Targets Required Annually = 5

Spotlight Target Area: Waste

Harvest Distilling & Brewing have been members of Origin Green since 2018 and have established a 3 year sustainability plan with robust stretch targets. The company prioritises operating in a manner which is environmentally friendly, promoting energy and materials conservation, as well as waste reduction wherever possible.

Throughout 2019, the company had a particularly strong performance, excelling across the target areas of supplier certification, waste, and community engagement. Within the waste target area, the company has focused upon reducing unnecessary waste and ensuring that waste arisings where feasible are repurposed for alternative uses. This has seen an overall absolute reduction in waste by 30% in the space of 12 months - a remarkable achievement. 

In mid-2019, the company set about reducing waste usage even further by switching to a Petainer Hybrid Keg. TheHybrid Keg is considered the next generation of one-way plastic kegs with a circular economy based design to drive recycling and reuse. These kegs also are 10% of the weight of steel kegs and therefore have lower transportation costs and a reduced carbon footprint. 

Driving Down Waste

Some of the other initiatives also undertaken by the company in 2019 to drive down waste on site include:

  • All spent grains are given to a local farmer for animal feed with the company registered as a feed business operator with the Department of Agriculture.
  • Spent Yeast is collected and used as a feedstock for anaerobic digestion.
  • All chemical containers used onsite are returned to the producer for re-use.
  • All pallets are collated and segregated on site, being returned to the supplier on an ongoing basis as full truckloads are reached. 
  • All used printer cartridges are collected to a central collection point and recycled etc.

Sustainability is one of our core values and has been at the heart of this project from its inception. It is wonderful to get this recognition of the great work our team are doing on a on ongoing basis. 

Pat Cooney , Founder


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