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Hope Beer

Membership Status:

Approved until 31 May 2021



About the company

Hope Beer is a range of premium craft beers brewed at Howth Junction in North Dublin. The Hope story started out in 2015 when the brewery was founded by a group of friends; Wim de Jongh, his wife Jeanne Mahony and Des McSwiggan. The award-winning brewery uses state-of-the-art German equipment to brew a core range of five beers, two seasonals and many limited editions throughout the year. 

The Hope range of beers is crafted to be the perfect accompaniment to food. The label of each beer shows the types of food that pair best with the beer allowing customers to fully enjoy the flavour profile of both the beer and food.

Hope Beer is a member of Guaranteed Irish and also SuperValu’s Food Academy

Key Sustainability Commitments

Committed to Responsible Sourcing

They source over 80% of malt from Origin Green Verified members and Irish Grain Assurance Scheme (IGAS) members.

Committed to Reducing their Environmental Impact

All cardboard packaging sourced is FSC certified.

Reducing CO2 usage by 10%

Committed to Reducing Waste

Hope Beer have set a target of reducing their waste by 50% by 2022 this will be achieved through increased waste collections

Recycling 100% of their spent grain (as animal feed)