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Java Republic Ltd

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About the company

At Java Republic we make Ireland’s best hand-roasted coffee, and have been doing so for almost 20 years. Our mission from day one has always been to put an end to unethically sourced beans, low-quality roasting and inferior blends, and to do so in an ethical and sustainable manner. At Java Republic, we call it “Coffee with a Conscience”.

The bottom line: we go deeper than anyone to respect the people and respect the environment. We will always look for new ways to ensure that we always go above and beyond.

Not only that, but our people bring unparalleled experience, knowledge and dedication to every aspect of the process, from bean to cup. We are the number one choice for over 1,200 of Ireland’s most successful offices, hotels, cafés and corporate catering services. Every day we work together to ensure that there is no compromise on quality. From the experts who source the best coffee beans, to the experienced artisans who hand-roast each bean individually, and to our team of expert trainers who equip you with the knowledge and tools to serve the perfect cup of coffee.

Key Sustainability Commitments

We are passionate about the environment and sustainability, having created the world’s first, purpose-built, carbon neutral roastery. Every year we spend real money to buy carbon credits from developing countries.

We are also leading the way in terms of sustainability by providing customers with compostable coffee cups that are 100% biodegradable, as well as KeepCups and Reusable Cups.

When it comes to coffee production, we are also dedicated to maintaining an ethical approach. From the first beans we ordered, we’ve worked hard to bring the benefits of our success to the people who grow our coffee beans. We also support the communities that enjoy our coffee here in Ireland by getting actively involved in local charities and events.

Our ethos is: Coffee for the People, by the Coffee People.