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Keeling F Juices Ltd

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Approved until 31 May 2023



About the company

The Keeling family have been in the fruit and veg business for over a century and Keeling Juices have been making quality juices for over 20 years. They use only the finest ingredients, the most innovative production methods to ensure our juices are as fresh and tasty as possible.

Quality has always been the mainstay of Keeling Juices - we are proud to use fresh produce from the best growers from around the world. We produce juices and other fresh fruit products under our own and client brands. See our website for more details.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Keelings are committed to sustainably sourcing 80% of our produce from fruit and vegetable suppliers that have SEDEX and/or Global GAP accreditation, ensuring high standards for the growers and the land used for producing the crops.

We are also committed to reducing the amount of energy used to produce the juices by 10% each year.

Keeling Juices are also committed to being fully integrated into the local community, supporting local charities for the aged, improving the streetscape and taking on work-experience students.