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Killarney Brewing Company

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Approved until 31 May 2022



About the company

The founding partners of Killarney Brewing Company have restored the old Killarney Mineral Water drinks facility to its former glory. It is now one of Ireland's most exciting new independent craft breweries and taprooms.

The unique layout and design ooze old world charm and new world ambiance, paying homage to "old school" Killarney yet in a sleek, industrial setting. Killarney Brewing Company specialises in the production of what it believes is Ireland's finest range of craft beers. All its beers are named after local myths and legends, evoking emotions of all things Killarney.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Committed to Reducing their Environmental Impact

Killarney Brewing Company have set a target of reducing plastic waste by approximately 80% by 2020. This will be achieved by commissioning a grain silo on site to store malt rather than receiving orders in polypropylene bags.

Focus on Health and Nutrition

Committed to establishing calorie counts for each beer product and displaying on their website, as well as displaying unit counts on bottle labels by 2021.