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Kinnegar Brewing

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Approved until 31 May 2024



About the company

Kinnegar Brewing takes its name from Kinnegar Beach, just north of the brewery's original homeplace in Rathmullen, Co. Donegal.  Kinnegar Brewing's roots are deeply embedded in the hills and fields of Northeast County Donegal. Since 2017, Kinnegar Brewing makes its beer at K2, a modern facility in Letterkenny. While the clinking of bottles coming off the line no longer mingles with the bleating of sheep from the surrounding fields, the farmhouse ethos at the core of what Kinnegar Brewing does remains unchanged. The beers are unfiltered, unpasteurised, and naturally carbonated by friendly yeast during the fermentation process. 

In 2022 Kinnegar Brewing opened its K2 Taproom where visitors are welcome to enjoy beers and informative brewery tours. Kinnegar Brewing beers are also available widely in the area and throughout Ireland in bottle, can and on draught. 

Key Sustainability Commitments

Committed to Reducing Energy Usage: 

Kinnegar Brewing is committed to reducing their energy output by 10% over their 5-year plan, a reduction of 2% year on year. 2021 electricity consumption was 13.81 kWh/hl versus the milestone of 14.18 kWh/hl. A new compressor which uses 20% less energy than the previous model and solar panels were installed on site in early 2022. 

Committed to Water Reductions

Kinnegar Brewing installed a new CIP system in 2021 which helped reduce water consumption during their cleaning processes. They have also installed a new rainwater harvesting tank to collect water for use in outdoor cleaning such as their grain storage bins. 

Committed to Sustainable Packaging: 

Kinnegar Brewing is committed to reducing plastic wrap usage on pallets of their products by 15% by 2025 from their 2020 baseline in their Origin Green plan. They hope to reach this target through better practices and staff training. They are looking to reduce usage through better practices and better training. Kinnegar brewing is also seeking sustainable alternatives for the plastic wrap that is currently in use.