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Mr. Jeffares Blackcurrants (Ballykelly Farms Ltd)

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About the company

The Jeffares family have been growing blackcurrants for three generations on Ballykelly Farm just outside Wexford town. For nearly 60 years, they provided blackcurrants for Ribena. Now the company grows blackcurrants and produces cordial under the management of third generation Des Jeffares. This unique Irish Blackcurrant Cordial has No Added Sugar. It is a 100% Natural, Squeezed and Cold Pressed Pure Juice made from our Irish Blackcurrants and Not from Concentrates.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Enhancing Biodiversity

Ballykelly Farms have implemented a number of biodiversity measures on their farm over the course of their Origin Green plan. These include planting new hedge rows, creating natural habitats for wildlife, including the Carabid Beetle..

Commitment to Local Sourcing:

Ballykelly Farms currently source 80% of their raw materials from local sources, and will aim to increase this to 90% by 2018.