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Niks Tea Limited

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About the company

Niks Tea was established in 2012, blending and prepacking loose teas and herbal infusions for farmers markets and food events. In 2013, the first Niks Tea branded loose teas launched into retail stores. The company now supply over 500 customers nationwide in the retail & food service sectors, including health stores, fine food stores, and supermarkets.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Spotlight Target Area: Energy

Niks Tea aim to create organic herbal teas that are healthy and full of flavours for experienced tea enthusiasts. The company are committed to an ecological production process and packaging plan, and strive to create a memorable and enjoyable tea experience that's affordable and convenient for customers to source and prepare. The company demonstrated an exemplary performance within the target areas of Raw Materials Certification, Packaging, and Energy throughout the year 2021. Within the Energy target area, Niks Tea has reduced usage per kg of output by 16.6% from a 2020 baseline, already more than 6.5 percentage points ahead of the original target set. Implementing energy saving measures and creating an energy efficient environment within the workplace will ensure that Niks Tea are striving to reduce its overall emissions, an important message which runs through its everyday business practices. Over the course of 2023, the company will begin exploring the potential to install solar panels at its site to further drive energy self-sufficiency.