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Poachers Drinks Ltd

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About the company

Poachers Drinks is an award winning premium drinks and mixers company based in Dublin Ireland.

The company produce a range of 8 all natural drinks and mixers using unique ingredients for the premium spirits market.

The innovative range includes award winning tonic waters, soda, ginger ale and ginger beer.

Poachers Drinks are the current internationally recognised Spirits Business international 'Taste Masters' for the mixers category for 2021

Key Sustainability Commitments

Committed to Responsible Sourcing

Poachers have set a target of increasing the use of organically produced and ethically sourced quinine in product lines to over 50% by 2022.

Focus on Health and Nutrition

Poachers have committed to reducing levels of natural Irish sugar in all Poachers product lines by 33% by 2019 using natural substitutes.

Committed to Local Sourcing

Poachers aim to source 50% of apples used in their product line to be supplied from their own farm by 2019.