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Rye River Brewing Company

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About the company

The Rye River Brewing Company was established in November 2013. Just a few years on, the brewery employs 57 people and produces a range of over 30 beers - including 10 McGargles beers. The magic of the Rye River Brewing Company comes from the talent and ingenuity of its brewing family. It's team of fourteen brewers - which includes their very own yeast propagator, Bill Laukitis - are behind this range of great tasting beer.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Energy Reduction

Rye River Brewing Company are committed to reducing their energy consumption by 2% of a 24-month period ending in 2018.

Involvement in the Local Community

Rye River Brewing Company work with Third-Level institutions to take on interns from applicable university courses. In additional, the company works with St. John of God's in Celbridge to train a number of candidates with disabilities, employing 3 employees on a 21-hour contract.