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Rye River Brewing Company

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About the company

The Rye River Brewing Company was established in November 2013. Just a few years on, the brewery employs 40 people and produces a range of over 20 beers - including 10 McGargles beers. The magic of the Rye River Brewing Company comes from the talent and ingenuity of its brewing family. It's team of eight brewers – which includes their very own yeast propagator, Bill Laukitis - are behind this range of great tasting beer.

Their passion for all things beer-related is proven by its creation of great tasting beers that are coveted by discerning beer lovers worldwide. Rye River's brewers have worked hard to form relationships with hop growers and unions in the US and around the world.

The company purchases direct from the producers, meaning the freshest and most aromatic hops are used in their beers. Rye River also propagates their own liquid yeast in-house as opposed to purchasing powdered yeast.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Energy Reduction

Rye River Brewing Company are committed to reducing their energy consumption by 2% of a 24-month period ending in 2018.

Involvement in the Local Community

Rye River Brewing Company work with Third-Level institutions to take on interns from applicable university courses. In additional, the company works with St. John of God’s in Celbridge to train a number of candidates with disabilities, employing 3 employees on a 21-hour contract.