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Stillgarden Distillery

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About the company

Here at Stillgarden we make modern Irish spirits for the modern spirit drinker. Based in the buzzing area of Dublin 8 we are passionate spirit lovers who are facing forward not backwards.

Enjoying spirits should be more modern, more fun and more vibrant with more flavours and more positive impacts on the planet & people. We call this pro-social disruption (or modern craft)

We make modern Irish spirits using as many fresh, local & sustainably grown botanicals as we can and capture those amazing flavours through some very cool science.

Our spirits aren't just focused on high ABV but have a range of alcohol to allow you to match the drink to the mood & occasion.

And we make our spirits in a way that has positive impacts on the planet, communities and people around ...always.

Key Sustainability Commitments

We run a few initiatives to increase sustainability in the local community.

The Social Botanist Project started in the first lockdown when we gave ten out-of-work bartenders botanical grow kits to take home. When they brought them back, we began to populate the garden with plants that had been lovingly grown by our community. Mint and lavender were two of these botanicals that thrived, and thus became two essential ingredients to our flagship Social Gin after a tasting with the Social Botanists, combining science, community and nature.

The Project has since expanded to a broader community of local Inchicoreans, Dubliners, plant-lovers, gin enthusiasts, foragers, botanists, environmental groups, among many other eclectic personalities. Whether you'd just like to get some fresh air and socialise, or to know more about plants and spirits, or even just want to get your hands dirty in some soil, the Social Botanist Project offers social gardening hours, foraging trips, exclusive tastings, seed packs, grow kits, a community who can offer plant advice, and a platform to get to know like-minded individuals who care about the environments and spaces we share together.


Reducing our packaging imprint is a key part of our sustainability journey, which is why we are making it easy and worthwhile to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Take part in the D8 Rebate and join us in doing what's possible for the greater good of ourselves, our communities and our planet all year long!

As part of the D8 Rebate campaign, local residents can now return a Stillgarden glass bottle with a stopper to our Distillery Shop to get €2 off your purchase. For those living further afield, you can return 10 empty pouches by prepaid post or drop them off at the distillery to receive 1 free 500ml pouch.