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Stonewell Cider

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About the company

Founded in 2010 by Daniel and Geraldine Emerson, Stonewell is an independent cider company dedicated to the creation of real cider using only natural ingredients - simply apple juice and yeast. Stonewell is the proud creator of a growing family of fermented apple products, including Medium Dry, Dry, Tobairín, Tawny, Esterre and Rós. Currently employing three people, Stonewell now exports to many countries, including France, Holland, Germany, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, and Estonia, and is brimming with ideas for future products.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Commitment to Raw Materials Sourcing

Stonewell Cider have made a commitment to source apples from farms that are PPP registered with the Dept. of Agriculture

Focus on Health and Nutrition

Stonewell Cider will complete vegan friendly manufacturing across all products by the end of 2018. Committed to Reducing Food Waste: None of their apple waste goes to landfill with 100% of the leftover apple pommace being fed to cattle in the local area.