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Terra Spirits & Liqueurs

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About the company

Terra’s roots go back to the very creation of the cream liqueur category in the 1970s and its factory was once owned by the market leader in Irish creams. It is the largest family-owned Irish cream liqueur producer, operating from one of the longest established cream liqueur plants in the world.

In addition to its award-winning Molly’s Irish Cream and Maloney’s Country Cream brands, the company also provides a third-party private label contract manufacturing service to some of the biggest names in the global retail business, along with major international brand companies.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Focused on Reducing Waste

Reduces waste generated to below 0.009kg per cream gallon representing a 70% reduction from 2010 (0.03kg)

Focused on Reducing their Environmental Impact

The company have implemented a new fully integrated IT system 2x Mitsubishi A++ CAHV Heat pumps for their hot water production with the target of reducing their dependency on fossil fuels by 50% per annum. In addition, Terra have implemented a 940m Solar PV system consisting of 554 solar PV panels, these produce 30% of their annual electric needs.