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The Porterhouse Brewing Co

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About the company

The Porterhouse Brewing Company was founded in 1996 by cousins Oliver Hughes and Liam Lahart. They opened Ireland's first craft brew pub in Dublin, where the brewery is now on the outskirts, providing beers to its bars in Dublin, London and New York. 

Key Sustainability Commitments

Key Sustainability Commitments 

Environmental Initiatives at The Porterhouse Brew Co. 

Spent grain is collected by a farmer south of Dublin and used as cattle feed.  Spent hops are also collected by mulch ( And are used for composting. 

An effluent treatment system ensures wastewater is safe to release into the water supply. Regular testing both by the brewery and Dublin water ensures this. 

Modern brewing equipment is designed with energy efficiency in mind, heat exchangers reclaim energy in the form of heat and an extensive insulation system ensures the efficient use of our refrigeration system.

Committed to Sustainable Sourcing: 

The Porterhouse Brew Co. ensure that all their Malt suppliers are IGAS certified and only source from IGAS-approved farms. 

There is a strong commitment to sourcing hops and packaging materials from suppliers who have recognised environmental/sustainable certifications.