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William Grant & Sons Irish Manufacturing

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About the company

William Grant & Sons Limited is an independent, family-owned business specialising in the distillation and bottling of whiskey and other premium spirit brands. William Grant founded his company in 1887, with a vision to make the best dram in the valley. It stands true today as it build brands that are loved all over the world. William Grant's global success comes from its collective work ethic, pride and its values. Always seriously spirited, it knows the importance of celebrating successes, big and small. Together, it creates legacy.

Spotlight Target Area: Water
With a target to reduce water usage per litre of absolute alcohol produced (l/laa) by
47% by 2022, William Grant surpassed this target significantly in 2020 achieving a
reduction of over 61% per litre of absolute alcohol (l/laa) produced. Progress during
2020 was aided by the introduction of a dissolved air flotation (DAF) plant, alongside
a programme of fixing leaks in the sprinkler system. A SCADA system on site allows
for close monitoring and control of processes, including water usage. This ensures
that the correct volume of water is used and inadvertent usage does not occur. Due
to design standards and close monitoring, water wastage through leaks is kept to a
Overall, the company performed exceptionally well throughout 2020, with an
exemplary performance demonstrated across its sustainability targets in the areas of
supplier certification, energy/emissions, water, waste, and community engagement.

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