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Butlers Chocolates

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About the company

Butlers Chocolates is Ireland's largest family-owned chocolate producer and has been crafting chocolates in Dublin since 1932. Butlers Chocolates is Ireland's most preferred brand of luxury Irish chocolates. Butlers chocolatiers use sustainably sourced cocoa to create exceptional chocolate products including; premium chocolate assortments, gourmet solid and filled chocolate bars in various sizes, chocolate collections with alcohol, souvenir gifts and travel retail exclusives. Butlers Chocolates have won numerous Great Taste Awards, Irish Food Awards and Quality Irish Food Awards for excellence in taste and presentation. The company is also known and loved throughout Ireland and beyond for its eponymous retail concept - Butlers Chocolate Café, an innovative experience personifying the Butlers brand, in over 30 locations worldwide including South Asia and Dubai.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Spotlight Target Area: Supplier Certification

The environment and Butlers impact upon it have always been central to the company's thought process, striving to build sustainability into its business practices at every opportunity. Butlers Chocolates is committed to the ethical sourcing of ingredients and is a member of Cocoa Horizons, a programme which seeks to improve the livelihoods of cocoa farmers and their communities. The coffee used in Butlers Chocolate Cafés is also Ethically Sourced. The company set out to source 80% of its cocoa from Cocoa Horizon by the year 2022. Demonstrating exemplary performance in this area, Butlers has achieved this target ahead of the milestone, sourcing 98.4% of its cocoa from Cocoa Horizons in 2021, an outstanding achievement which showcases the company's firm and ongoing commitment to robust sustainable procurement practices.

Spotlight Target Area: Packaging
Within the packaging target area, Butlers has committed to taking a proactive
approach to packaging through the implementation of a number of initiatives. The
company has reached the set target across Butlers Chocolate Cafés to make 80% of its
takeaway cups recyclable by the year 2022. As of 2020, 100% of Butlers Chocolates
takeaway cups were certified recyclable, compared to a target of 40% for the year,
demonstrating exemplary performance in this area. The company also completed
another 2022 packaging target in 2020, to source 50% of the board used in printing
boxes in-house from FSC/PEFC sources. Butlers achieved 100% of all the printed
board from FSC sources, again exceeding their 2020 target. Overall, Butlers continues
to perform strongly with exemplary performance demonstrated across six different
targets and has now achieved Origin Green gold membership for two consecutive

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