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Émile Pâtissier Ltd

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Approved until 31 May 2023



About the company

Cowgirl...Gluten-Free is the brainchild of Mari-Louise Walsh, a native of the wide open plains of Kerry on Ireland's South-West coast. Mari-Louise Walsh left the so-called 'Kingdom' to pursue a career in the legal profession. Feeling completely unfulfilled and unsatisfied working as a Solicitor, she used to dream of the freedom, creativity and challenges of the entrepreneurial path and the prospect of self-sufficiency.

Having diagnosed with a serious yeast allergy by an Immunologist at the age of 21 and grown up with a father who is a Coeliac, Mari-Louise understood the difficulty in being able to purchase satisfying gluten-free dessert products made with natural ingredients. Unfortunately, she suffered a experienced a severe reaction to a gluten-free product which she purchased shortly after her diagnosis, due to xanthan gum, a food additive used extensively in gluten-free products, which is essentially a fermented bacteria and is linked to digestive discomfort.

She came up with the idea of creating a range of superior tasting gluten-free confectionary products which tasted like 'normal' products which could be enjoyed by all and not just simply by those following a gluten-free diet.; the products ended up also being free from rice flour, xanthan gum, starches and artificial preservatives. All products in the range, which are listed with the Coeliac society of Ireland are made using various wholegrain flours which are higher in protein that those used typically in gluten-free products and which are also higher in fibre.

Cowgirl...Gluten-Free was launched on the Foodservice market in Ireland in October, 2017 and was awarded Gold by Blas na h hÉireann in the gluten-free baked goods category in 2017.

Speaking about the development of company and its success to date, Mari-Louise said "from taking my personal challenge to developing a product range has been a significant challenge and we are really pleased by the feedback from our customers.'

Key Sustainability Commitments

Focus on Health and Nutrition

Target set to eliminate all refined sugar from all new gluten-free products by substituting it with either organic coconut sugar or unrefined cane juice by end of 2022

Strong Commitment to Social Sustainability

Cowgirl..Gluten-Free collaborate with St. Clare's Food Kitchen, Carlow, by supplying the organisation with food donations and food waste. They have committed to increase such donations to this voluntary body.

Committed to Responsible Sourcing

Cowgirl...Gluten-Free have set a target of 100% free range egg from supplier with sustainability certification by end of 2019