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Hassetts Bakers & Confectioners

Membership Status:

Approved until 31 May 2023



Exemplary Performance Target Areas

Minimum Origin Green Targets Required Annually = 5

Spotlight Target Area: Health and Nutrition

Hassetts became a member of Origin Green in 2018 committing to a five year sustainability plan to 2022. Operations Manager Georgina Wolsztynski leads their sustainability performance across the business with the support of her colleagues Rose O’ Kelly and Sarah O’Connor who manage Health and Nutrition and Social Sustainability targets.  Throughout the period of the plan, Hassetts looks to focus on health and nutrition to increase their production of savoury snacks and develop new healthy option products and reformulate existing lines.

Within the plan, Hassetts Bakery has set ambitious health and nutrition targets one of which is to reduce sugar content in their cookie range by 40%, from currently 31.4 grams per 100 grams to 18.9 grams per 100 grams in 2022. Working towards this goal, the company embarked on a research and development project, working with Food Institute at University College Cork, focusing on finding ways to reduce sugar levels without compromising the taste of their high quality products. 

Commitment to Developing Healthier Products

In 2019, they achieved exemplary performance scores against their health and nutrition targets as they achieved a reduction in sugar content (g/100g biscuit) in their cookie and short bread biscuit of 48% from the 2017 through reformulation.  

They also accelerated their health R&D programme and created 3 new cracker lines with recipes low in sugar and fat. Going forward, Hassetts bakery have made a commitment to develop products that will benefit the health and nutrition of our society.

We are delighted to be an Origin Green Gold Member, we are working hard to achieve all our goals in our sustainability plan and look forward to future partnerships with Origin Green.

Michael Hassett, MD


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