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Hazelbrook Confectionery

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About the company

Hazelbrook Confectionery was established by David Stone and Leo Cummins in 2017 to enable long-term development of brands from a production unit that Leo had built over many years. With the added expertise of David in financing, licence manufacturing and business development, together they created a long-term viable manufacturing business with valuable brands. Having a 2000 sq. metre factory located in Newbridge, Co. Kildare, the company's management team and staff are highly experienced in the confectionery industry and its products and brands are all long-term repeat sale items. Hazelbrook Confectionery has a strong domestic market sales base in Ireland and is next seeking to grow its international sales of both branded and customer labelled / branded products.

Spotlight Target Area: Water
The mission of Hazelbrook Confectionery focuses on the great heritage existent in its key brands, use of quality ingredients in making its products and use of quality packaging materials in packing them. The company’s focus is to use sustainable ingredients, sustainable packaging materials, and sustainable production processes to get its products to end customers in a sustainable fashion while also making those end customers fully aware of the heritage of both the products and brands and the steps that it takes to preserve and enhance them. Within the water and supplier certification target areas, Hazelbrook Confectionery demonstrated an exemplary performance throughout 2020. For the water target, the company planned to reduce
water usage by 50% over the lifetime of its current sustainability plan (2020-2024). Through the implementation of a range of initiatives, including the fitting of relief valves to hand washing stations, the company has already reduced water usage by 30% over its 2019 baseline, already achieving a target set for 2022.

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