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Maria Lucia Bakes Ltd

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About the company

Maria Lucia Bakes is an artisan producer of a range of premium, gluten free, ambient products including; granola, muesli, porridge, crackers, cookies and baking mixes. The award-winning range is made with all-natural ingredients, no artificial flavours, palm oil or preservatives and is supplied to the retail and foodservice sector. Products are exported to several markets in Europe and USA.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Production is outsourced to a contract manufacturer who produces for several other brands

Selling in bulk to customers online in recyclable and reusable packaging reducing packaging waste

Focus on health with our products ie sugar free, gluten free, vegan. Some doctors and dieticians are recommending keto and low carb diets as a way for people to reverse type 2 diabetes. We plan to expand the range to offer more selection for diabetics as well as coeliacs.