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The Lismore Food Company

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About the company

With a family baking tradition spanning almost 200 years, The Lismore Food Company purveys a range of fine sweet and savoury biscuits and fine confections. Its strong food heritage, combined with a history of using the highest-quality ingredients, helps produce handmade biscuits with a distinct flavour and taste.

The company brings together three artisans who share a love of fine ingredients and a lifetime of experience. Beth-Ann Smith's family history in food stretches back to Smith's Stores, a fine food delicatessen and bakery on Cork's Patrick Street.

Trained at Ballymaloe Cookery School, she was private chef to the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire and Head Chef at Lismore Castle for over 10 years, until the end of 2017. Brothers Owen and Ken Madden's family opened a bakery and public house on Lismore's Main Street in the early 1800s. Now called 'The Summerhouse' and home to The Lismore Food Company, they continue this rich tradition in the same historic location.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Committed to Responsible Production

The Lismore Food Company has a policy of only using pure ingredients in our products and have a clean label policy. Their biscuits are very simple and contain no additives. The best example is the All Butter Shortbread which is just flour sugar and butter. Only Irish butter is used.

Focus on Health and Nutrition

The Lismore Food Company is committed to providing 'clean biscuits' with minimal ingredients and no added chemicals. Targets have been set to reduce sugar and keep recipes 'clean'