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Bandon Co –Operative/Bandon Vale Cheese Limited.

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About the company

Based in the heart of the rich west cork region, Bandon Vale specialises in the portioning and packaging of cheese products, including grated, sliced, pre-packed and waxed formats.

With 9 state of the art production lines and a purpose built factory, Bandon Vale provides the food sector with a range of cheese varieties including cheddars, mozzarella’s, maasdam style’s as well as bespoke mixes and blends.

In 2009, Bandon Vale Cheese was fully acquired by Bandon Co – Operative. Bandon Co-op was founded in 1903. The company comprises of 3 divisions, the Dairy sector, the Agricultural Sector and the Retail sector.

The Butter Plant, located in Watergate Street in the town centre processes 25kg boxes of butter into a range of consumer packs for the retail market.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Raw Material Sourcing

All milk suppliers currently supplying are Sustainable Dairy Assurance Scheme (SDAS) certified. Only milk from certified suppliers will be accepted. Committed to Responsible sourcing: All existing packaging suppliers are FSC certified. We are committed to maintaining this certification.

Manufacturing Processes

BV and Bandon Co-op sites were ISO audited and certificated in 2017. All lighting is currently being updated to LED to ensure energy usage is as efficient as possible. In addition, censored lighting is being installed in area’s with low traffic in an effort to reduce unnecessary energy usage.

Promoting Biodiversity

A tree planting initiative was launched in 2016 and continued in 2017. A selection of oak, birch and Rowan trees were made available to milk suppliers for collection at Bandon Co-op retail outlets.