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Cahill's Farm Cheese

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About the company

The business was started in the late 1970s in the farmhouse kitchen setting of the Cahill family home by David Cahill and his wife Marian. David, a graduate of the Dairy Science Faculty of UCC, had the technical knowledge and understanding needed to create a unique recipe for cheese.

He had seen his mother make butter, cheese and yogurts using milk from the family’s Friesian herd. Together with his wife, he had a deep rooted desire to create a farm business with a view to ensuring the sustainability of the family farm for the next generation.

Like David, Marian came from a farming background and thus had a strong understanding of working with farm ingredients and animals. In or around 1978, the family commenced cheese making.

The first cheese included chives grown on the family farm. The cheese was named “Ballintubber” after the townland in West Limerick where Marian was born. It was sold in local Limerick markets. Cahill’s Farm Cheese was born.

The business grew and Cahill’s Farm Cheese was the first artisanal Irish Cheese listed in Superquinn in 1984. The family commenced exporting in 1985 and in 2006, the business passed to Dan Cahill, son of David and Marian.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Committed to Local Sourcing

100% of all food ingredients coming from Irish local suppliers

Support their Local Community

Sponsor the local cycling club: Newcastle West, Management participate in boards of local organisations and provide health and nutrition talks in local schools.

Strong Focus on Biodiversity

Committed to encourage biodiversity on their 110 acre family farm. Do not use artificial fertiliser. Planted 240 meters of white thorn and holly hedging on the farm. Installed 15 bat boxes and 15 bird boxes. Created 5 bee hotels (timber weather protected frames for bees).