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Cashel Farmhouse Cheesemakers

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Approved until 31 May 2023



About the company

Cashel Farmhouse Cheesemakers is a 100% family-owned business focused primarily on the making of branded blue cheese. Its cows' milk cheese is branded Cashel Blue, while its sheep's milk cheese is called Crozier Blue.

Established in 1984 by Louis and Jane Grubb, the company is now managed by a second family generation, with the original cheese recipe created by Jane. Cashel Blue is a registered international brand. Cheese quality, flavour excellence, and production sustainability are its primary company objectives.

All Cashel and Crozier Blue cheese is made, matured, graded and selected at Beechmount Farm, Co. Tipperary, close to the historic town of Cashel.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Committed to Local Sourcing

They only source milk locally from the home farm and from local farms in an area with less than a 25-kilometre radius. Source from farms that are members of a Sustainable Dairy Assurance Scheme. Grass-fed animals and no milk produced from zero-grazing systems. Focusing on improving their environmental performance:

Focusing on Reducing Water and Energy

Achieved a 30% reduction in water use to date.

Focusing on Health and Nutrition

Committed to reducing and maintaining salt content of products at or below 2% Salt application method change - reduced salt level in brine to 21% to reduce and maintain salt levels in the cheese to 2%.

Support Communities

Support the local community by sponsoring GIY Eat Together Schools project, local events and facilitating school visits and student work placements. International focus: sponsor Food education project in Nigeria, and Marginalised Farmer Dairy project in India.