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Clona Dairy Products Limited

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About the company

Since 1919, Clóna Fresh Milk has been part of daily life in Cork. It all began at the Hurley family farm in Clonakilty. From here, fresh milk was carried into the town dairy. Twice daily the local community would gather to collect fresh milk from the Hurley churns. Later in 1955, Charlie Hurley began providing the local community with pasteurised milk – this was the first-ever bottled pasteurised milk available in Munster.

By the late 1980s, milk from Hurley’s farm had become known as Clóna Milk and the brand, Clóna Fresh Milk, was born. Over ninety years on, the heritage and tradition of Cork dairy farming is continued in the Clóna products that you find in your local retailer today.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Raw Material Sourcing

Clona have committed to engaging with their packaging, ingredient and chemical suppliers to ensure 100% of them are involved in sustainability initiatives by the end of 2021.

Raw Material Sourcing

By the end of 2020 Clona have targeted having 100% of all raw milk/cream supply SDAS accredited.

Promote Biodiversity

They have committed to 1000 trees being planted in the West Cork Area under the Clóna Tree Planting Project by the end of 2021.

Commitment to Reducing Water Usage

Reduce Water Usage by 20% and Upgrade and Improve Effluent Treatment Process.