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Compsey Creamery

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Approved until 31 May 2022



About the company

Compsey Creamery is a subsidiary of Mullinahone Co-op, Ireland's oldest farmer owned co-operative. The Co-op is located in a rural part of Co. Tipperary in a strong dairy producing area. The business commenced in 1985 with the objective of adding value to the milk produced by the co-ops dairy farmers and at the same time create employment in the local village.Today, the business employs 20 full-time staff producing 50 to 60 tonnes per week of a range of dairy products for both foodservice and ingredient customers.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Enhancing Local Biodiversity

Compsey Creamery are developing a green area on their production site that will act as a habitat for birds and pollinators, thus increasing biodiversity in the locality.

Committed to Responsible Sourcing

Compsey Creamery have set a target committing to source 80% of their raw materials from suppliers who hold recognised sustainability certificates by 2021. To achieve this they have engaged with their current suppliers and are collating relevant supplier sustainability data. They are committed to working with their suppliers and assisting them in achieving sustainability credentials.

Reducing Environmental Impact

Compsey Creamery are aiming to reduce carbon emissions from their sites fossil fuel usage by 20% by 2021. Plans are in place to install a new steam boiler which will use LPG rather than Green Diesel.

Focus on Health and Nutrition

Compsey Creamery will use their social media and digital media accounts to promote 10 positive nutritional attributes of their products, for example no added sugar.