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Tirlán (formerly known as Glanbia Ireland)

Membership Status:

Approved until 31 May 2023



About the company

Glanbia Ireland is an ambitious, integrated agri-food and nutrition business, with a diverse portfolio of quality ingredients, leading consumer and agri brands. Glanbia Ireland's network of grass-based family farms that stretch across almost the entire island of Ireland produce three billion litres of milk a year. As the largest buyer and user of Irish grains, the company has established an innovative premium-grains portfolio. With a long heritage in family farming that stretches back over a century, Glanbia Ireland prides itself in ensuring high quality produce is at the heart of everything it does. Deeply invested in both its communities and people, the business has at its core a farmer owned co-operative structure. Glanbia Ireland is 60% owned by Glanbia Co-operative society and 40% owned by Glanbia PLC. Glanbia Ireland is a strong driver of the rural economy and supporter of communities.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Committed to Responsible Sourcing

Glanbia Ireland (GI) has a very special relationship with our co-op members who are our grain and milk suppliers. GI currently has a 100% participation rate among our 4,800 farmer base in the RoI in our Open Sourceā„¢ sustainability and quality assurance programme and Bord Bia's Sustainable Dairy Assurance Scheme with 98% certified. Environmental Stewardship, Biodiversity, Animal Care as well as the health and welfare of our farmers is very important to Glanbia Ireland and this is reflected in the multiple initiatives that we actively lead.

Focus on Waste

GI have a zero waste to landfill target across all 11 sites by 2020. With an increasing emphasis on the circular economy GI is now also looking at waste as a potential resource and is looking to convert all waste into a useful by-product through an innovative bio-science programme.

Spotlight Target Area: Biodiversity
Glanbia Ireland is a founding member and strong supporter of the Origin Green
programme since 2012 and have woven sustainable co-operation and collaboration
into the company’s corporate values.
From October 2020 to year end, over 30,000 trees and hedging plants were reported
distributed in less than 3 months. As part of the Operation Pollination, Glanbia
Ireland worked with its Country Life Garden centres to launch ‘take the pledge’ in July
2020 encouraging members of the public to plant wildflowers, bug hotels and other
supporting actions. Glanbia report over 1,600 pledges registered online.

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