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Glenilen Farm Ltd.

Membership Status:

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Exemplary Performance Target Areas

Minimum Origin Green Targets Required Annually = 5

Spotlight Target Area: Sustainability in the Supply Chain

Glenilen Farm became a member of the Origin Green programme in 2013. Over the past 6 years, they have undertaken significant sustainability initiatives to reduce their environmental impact such as: installing solar roof panels on their production facility, harvesting water on the dairy roof of the farm and increasing recycling. They also achieved health and wellness, achieving a significant reduction in sugar content in their products (10%) without compromising on the functionality, taste and quality.

In their current plan, led by their operations manager Keith Hickey, sustainability in the supply chain has been a core focus. The company’s primary raw material i.e. milk is sourced from neighbouring farms through Drinagh co-op in West Cork, and this gives them control over this key raw material. 

However, as a company that is very much involved in sustainability, they also wanted their other suppliers to go that extra step for them and work on becoming sustainability certified. They set a target to increase sustainability certification from their suppliers from a base of 27% (2017) to 60% by 2022. In 2019 they achieved a 39% increase from 2018 in this target area.

Collaboration for Stronger Sustainability

In 2019 they were 3.5% ahead of that target with 37.5% of their suppliers now providing sustainability information.  They achieved this by initially focusing on their top 4 packaging suppliers and collaborating with them to strengthen sustainability in their supply chain. 

Soon after, all suppliers were asked to provide details on their own company’s sustainability plans which highlighted to highlight its importance to their business. They have also made sustainability certification a mandatory requirement for all new suppliers. They hope that over time all suppliers to their business can prove their sustainability credentials down their supply chain. 

We can’t change the world, but we can change our small corner of it.

Alan Kingston, CEO


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