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About the company

From just outside Tullamore in the lush, agricultural heartland of the Irish midlands, Glenisk is a family-owned producer of organic dairy and goats milk products.

Established in 1987, the company switched to organic yogurt production in 1995 and now works with 50 small family farms across Ireland. Glenisk continues to innovate the yogurt category through identifying new opportunities in the market and producing new products to meet the needs of customers.

The award-winning Glenisk is Ireland’s largest producer of branded yogurt and best-loved yogurt brand, this year claiming the position of AC Nielsen’s #1 Yogurt brand. This marks significant growth in brand awareness and market share in recent years.

Glenisk’s milestones include the introduction of organic, launch of goats’ milk products, the first Irish-made strained, high protein range of yogurts and the first No Added Sugar Baby Yogurt. Glenisk is also the Official Yogurt of Irish Rugby, fuelling the Irish Rugby teams with its range of high protein yogurt and GO20 granola pots.

Glenisk has a vision of an Organic Ireland, where the future health and wellbeing of all our children is assured – predicated on the belief that healthy soil grows healthy food to help raise healthy families. This philosophy drives the business’s commitment to organic agriculture, ensuring that farmers receive a premium for their organic milk.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Committed to Responsible Sourcing:

Glenisk has committed to increasing the number of organic dairy cows in Ireland with the aim of doubling the volume of organic milk produced in Ireland, thereby supporting the local economy, and fostering sustainable and environmentally beneficial agricultural practices, with the exclusion of synthetic pesticides and artificial fertilisers. Glenisk continues to encourage biodiversity on supplier farms for more sustainable practices.

Focus on Health and Nutrition:

In the past 3 years, Glenisk has removed 2 billion grams of sugar, 2.25 billion calories and added 750 million grams of protein to its yogurt range as part of its focus on health. They are the only yogurt brand to have introduced no added sugar baby and kids yogurt with no artificial ingredients.

As Official Partner to Irish Rugby, Glenisk yogurts are enjoyed by the Senior Men’s and Women’s Irish Rugby teams, as well as the Rugby 7s, Connacht and Munster squads as part of their daily diet. With ranges for adults and kids, across high protein, goats and organic cow's milk, Glenisk does not use any artificial ingredients or fortification, focusing exclusively on food first nutrition.

Committed to Reducing Environmental Impact:

Glenisk is currently on track to reduce absolute emissions by 20% by 2020, by eliminating fossil fuel use for energy and using 100% renewable energy to meet their needs on site.