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The Little Milk Company

Membership Status:

Approved until 31 May 2023



About the company

The Little Milk Company is a co-operative of organic dairy farmers residing throughout the Irish provinces of Munster and Leinster. All of its farms are family-owned and operated using organic farming methods.

Its herds include a mix of Jersey and Montbeliarde cows, which are renowned for producing the highest-quality milk. The farmers use this organic milk to make their own cheeses, which are sold in Ireland, UK, USA, Germany, Denmark and France.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Committed to Responsible Sourcing:

Source from 100 % Irish Organic Certified Dairy farms that participate in environmental schemes such as REPS (Rural Environment Protection Scheme) designed to reward farmers for farming in an environmentally friendly manner. The company has a target to ensure all their farmers join the Sustainable Dairy Assurance Scheme by 2019. Currently 50% have joined the scheme from a 0% base in 2014.

Focus on Waste Reduction:

Over the course of their plan (2014-2019) the company is striving to reduce packaging waste and by products waste. The company has a target to change cheese packaging to 100% recyclable. Their Cheese Selection boxes are all now compostable.

There is a target of reduce the whey waste by 80% by developing it into a product for re-sale and the company is on track to achieve this target with 74% achieved in 2017.

Enhancing Biodiversity:

Target set by this company to increase the wildlife and biodiversity on farms its sources from by 10%. The company has supplied and erected 40 nesting boxes on the 10 farms it sources from.