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Rockfield Dairy Ltd

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About the company

Rockfield Dairy Ltd T/A Velvet Cloud produce a range of handmade natural sheep's milk, yogurt, and cheese products on the Flanagan family farm outside Claremorris, Co Mayo. Having farmed the land for generations, the Flanagan flock graze an abundance of grass and clover pastures for almost the entire year due to the mild wet climate in its West of Ireland location.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Spotlight Target Area: Packaging

Velvet Cloud are committed to making a difference and leaving the world, and the community, in a better place. Velvet Cloud have set sustainability goals focusing on reducing energy consumption, finding and using more sustainable packaging options, reducing water consumption, increasing the company's contribution in the community, and improving biodiversity. Over the year 2021, Velvet Cloud performed strongly, demonstrating an exemplary performance within the target areas of Packaging, Energy, Product Health and Nutrition, and Community Engagement. Within the Packaging target area, the company focused on ensuring all cardboard used in its packaging was Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, with the company having now reached its 100% target ahead of schedule. In addition, the company's yogurt range is packaged in 100% recyclable tubs and it has also switched from plastic to compostable utensils for all events and tastings.

Spotlight Target Area: Packaging / Community Engagement
Since Velvet Cloud commenced trading six years ago, it has achieved significant sales growth, brand awareness and a range of endorsements from high profile opinion leaders in key target markets testifying to the quality and taste of its produce. Within the Irish market, the company’s products are now on sale in over 120 retail outlets, it launched an e-commerce channel during the pandemic, and it has recently secured a central listing with Musgrave SuperValu and Centra. Despite this rapid growth, Velvet Cloud are committed to making a difference and working as sustainably as possible in everything it does. The company demonstrated a strong performance throughout 2020, achieving exemplary performance in both its packaging and community engagement targets. In 2020, Velvet Cloud sourced 100% of its cardboard packaging from FSC certified sources and despite the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, continued to support local groups, as well as carrying a host of online events to share learnings about its journey
to date.

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