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Wyeth Nutritionals Ireland Limited

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Approved until 31 May 2021



About the company

Wyeth Nutritionals Ireland produces a comprehensive range of infant formulas, growing-up milks and prenatal nutritional products at its facility in Askeaton, Co Limerick. Established in 1974, it has a proud heritage of delivering high quality infant and maternal nutritional products.

Since 2012, it is a part of Nestlé, the world’s leading health and wellness company. Manufactured to exacting standards, its nutritional products are based on extensive research and development, delivering new and improved products to meet the ongoing needs of both healthy and nutritionally compromised infants the world over.

Located in the Mid-West of Ireland, the site encompasses a state of the art manufacturing facility, which has undergone constant upgrading to secure its manufacturing process.

Co-located on site is a world-class new research and development centre. Wyeth Nutritionals Ireland continues to be one of the most sophisticated operations of its kind in the world.

It has 600 highly skilled dedicated workforce with a strongly embedded knowledge of the business. It produces approximately 40,000 tonnes of formula products in both powder and ready-to-feed liquid formats annually.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Committed to Responsible Sourcing

Wyeth Nutrition has set a target of having 100% of dairy suppliers being accredited by the SDAS scheme by end 2018 and has implemented sustainability into its procurement process for dairy suppliers.

Promotes Biodiversity

It has developed a butterfly meadow, sponsored school bird feeders, and created a native woodland area adjacent its site. It is certified and aligned to Biodiversity Ireland’s All Ireland Pollinator Plan.

Water & Waste

It has significant waste and water reduction programmes, and zero waste to landfill has been achieved since 2016.