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Annalitten Foods Ltd

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Approved until 31 May 2022



Spotlight Target Area: Energy
Annalitten Foods takes pride in what it does; innovating, executing flawlessly, and
creating and adding value where possible. Within the area of energy usage, the
company is committed to further reduction programmes. Energy is a major annual
cost and reducing energy consumption will benefit the wider community and reduce
pressure on the national grid. Annalitten Foods set a target of a 10% reduction on
electricity usage levels (kWh) per tonne of eggs packed from a baseline year of 2018
in its current sustainability plan (2019-2023). Despite unforeseen changes driven by
Covid-19 measures and enhanced cleaning requirements, as well as extended work
hours, the company is currently 29% ahead of target over its 2018 baseline. Due to
the strong performance to date, the company has updated its projected milestones
for the remainder of the plan period with an aim of a further 3% annual reduction of
energy usage until 2023.

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