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Clonarn Clover

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About the company

Founded in the 1980s by Leo & Margaret Farrelly to supplement the family income on a small farm. From a few hobby hens to their first flock of 150 hens the company now handles the eggs of nearly 200,000 hens, from 34 different houses.

The company’s function is anchored in ethics, integrity and passion, focusing on a quality service as well as a quality product. These are the reasons for staying dedicated to Free range egg production, guaranteeing the genuine product to our customers.

While our plan was based on the principles within our Corporate Social responsibility policy, developing our Origin Green Plan from the targets for both packing centre and pasteurising facility, has allowed our CSR policy to incorporate the innovative nature of our team and become a Shared Value plan.

Our main brand is Margaret’s, which covers traditional free range eggs but also our Pasteurised egg product range.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Raw Material Sourcing
  • All eggs purchased from Bord Bia Sustainable egg assurance scheme
  • Working together with farmers and assisting education in terms of flock management and sustainable practises
  • Using a sustainable alternative to fish oils in poultry feed to enrich eggs with omega 3.

Manufacturing Processes
  • Reduce energy consumption per unit (Fuel, Electricity & Gas)
  • Reduce Waste
  • Increase Process efficiency

Social Sustainability
  • Providing an Enriched egg to market
  • Supporting local & national charities
  • Adopt a road scheme

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Clonarn Clover (Liquid egg plant)