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Riverview Eggs Ltd

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About the company

Husband and wife team, Dan Joe and Margaret Kelleher began egg production in 1966 to supplement the farm income.

Today, Riverview remains a family run business. D.J Kelleher is the Managing Director

Riverview provides employment in the local Watergrasshill area for approximately 24 people. A further 40 people are employed on a national level, through our family operated egg production farms.

All eggs produced for Riverview are produced to the very high Bord Bia SEAS and BRC standards (AA certification). All production farms are family owned and operated as part of a family farm unit, which ensures the strictest controls and more "hands on" running of the farms.

Thanks to the business partnership with the major retailers and food services groups, Riverview continues to grow and invest heavily in our production base. This ensures we were fully compliant with all EU and National Welfare legislation.

Riverview is a fully certified member of the ever-growing family of Irish producers and manufacturers as a member of the Origin Green - Sustainability Initiative. This is a Bord Bia initiative to nurture and grow the sustainable production of food for generations to come.

What does Origin Green membership mean for Riverview?

"Coming from a farming background and being rooted in the land, sustainability has always been at the core of the Kelleher family and in turn Riverview, but this was never formally documented, as, all along there was no scheme in which to report. Now through the Origin Green initiative we have formalized these activities to show our past track record and to demonstrate our commitment to the future" says D.J Kelleher, Managing Director.

Under a five-year plan submitted as part of the Origin Green membership process, Riverview has set targets for energy use, waste, transport emissions, water, and social responsibility.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Under its Origin Green plan, here are some of Riverview commitments:

Continue to meet Bord Bia SEAS, Origin Green and EU regulations for quality & sustainability.

Continue optimising orders and delivery routes to reduce mileage and fuel usage.

Continue to support charities and community organisations - This initiative also formalises Riverview's commitment to local community-based charities and organisations - SVP Cork, Cork Penny Dinners and Simon Community where we donate over 30,000 dozen eggs per annum to support healthy eating with the service users.

D.J Kelleher, expects to make savings in operations by implementing the Origin Green sustainability plan. He says: "Origin Green membership will help Riverview to build stronger relationships with our customers, our employees and the local community - all of which are central to our family business and Kelleher family values".

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