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Dromod Boxty ltd

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About the company

Dromod Boxty are artisan food producers based in Co Leitrim. They have been making traditional homemade products from old Irish recipes that have been in the family for generations. Established by Timmy and Angela Faughnan in 1990 in their family home after finding there was a gap in the market for wholesome authentic traditional Boxty. Shortly after setting up they added some other offerings to their range including Potato bread and fluffy Pancakes.

Now over 30 years later, Dromod Boxty is producing and delivering multi award-winning, high quality, food fresh daily to stores all over the West, North West, Midlands and Dublin. More recently the company have started distribution to the States with big plans to expand supply nationwide around Ireland.

Sourcing all its ingredients locally where possible. Now this family business is in its second generation with Aine (Timmy and Angela's daughter) taking over in 2015. Aine has added a fresh perspective to the business bringing it from strength to strength. A lot has changed in 30 years but the family recipes have not.

The company wants to become more environmentally friendly by lessening its carbon footprint. Dromod Boxty are always striving for awards and achievements. Sustainability is a huge factor in the success of a business going forward.

Key Sustainability Commitments

· By 2025, Dromod Boxty have a target in place to have 70% of food raw materials (by number) with recognised sustainability certifications.

· The company also aim to maintain 100% of potatoes from Irish growers with farm level Bord Bia SHAS membership 2021-2025 and maintain 100% milk from Bord Bia Sustainable Dairy Assurance Scheme (SDAS) members 2021-2025.

· Dromod Boxty plan on maintaining 100% egg supply from Bord Bia Sustainable Egg Assurance Scheme (SEAS) members 2021-2025.

· Dromod Boxty have a target to reduce outgoing Packaging/unit of output by 10% by 2025.

· Over the course of the company's current sustainability plan (2021-2025), Dromod Boxty will maintain 100% of all packaging recyclable.

· Dromod Boxty plan to have a 10% decrease in electricity per unit output over the company's current sustainability plan (2021-2025).

· Dromod Boxty will be engaging with staff to promote health and mental well being through wellness programmes and interactive activities on site.